This interactive novella is a solo project released in 2019. It was written alongside an as-yet unreleased prototype for a 3D adventure game which also explores rituals in fantastical urban environments.

“Waybinder” is a work of occult fantasy which explores ritual witchcraft, the nature of journeys, and what it might mean to shape destinies both large and small.

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by Metrowitch Interactive

Official selection, Yonderplay SHowcase at Nordic Game 2019


  • Guide an entire city towards inauguration in a ritual of your discovery and making.
  • Explore 4 main, interwoven branches: each a new destiny waiting to be formed.
  • Features a diverse cast of characters, some of whom speak a language which is not necessarily your own.
  • The adventure unfolds in a continuous format, there to be read back as a short story if so desired.
  • Features content written in gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic), with pronunciation guides for English-speakers.