"Stellaris" (Paradox Interactive)

I wrote and designed short science fiction stories, flavour texts, and scripted encounters since joining the Content Design team in 2019.

As the senior Content Designer (and former team lead) I mentored my colleagues and help refined our workflows. I instituted writers' rooms and workshops, led efforts to provide and improve documentation, and worked closely with the game's producers and other discipline leads.

A ringed planet named Wenkwort Artem

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Narrative Highlights

Shattered Frontier

Players who ritualistically submit themselves to an enigmatic force known as The Shroud may find one of their colonies struck by violent turbulence. The Shroud has seen fit to provide their planet with more colonists, however their unheralded arrival threatens the very world they were supposed to call home...

Uses the game's research and dialogue mechanics — as well as a variety of environmental effects — to reflect on the hopes and dreams bound up in every Colony Ship the player casts out into the galaxy.

Part of the "Overlord" expansion, released in 2022.

Content Highlights

Salvager Enclave

Joining the cast of 'canonical' cultures to be encountered in Stellaris, this group of enthusiastic tinkerers offers a variety of scrapping services and engineering insights from aboard their vast cosmic garage. They're a useful bunch to know when the harsh galaxy turns its gaze towards you, but despite knowing their way around many a destroyer hull: the Salvagers are no friend to war.

I designed, wrote and scripted this enclave from initial concept to final implementation. They feature a variety of flavourful dialogues, are capable of appraising fleets and selling second-hand vessels, and include 'easter egg' content for players seeking a unique Steam achievement.

Collaboration with programmer Oleg Istomin as part of the Overlord expansion, released in 2022. Character art and animation by Emma Jonsson & Hanna Johansson; backdrop by Lloyd Drake-Brockman. 3D art by Lloyd Drake-Brockman, Tim Wiberg, Hanna Johansson; VFX by Erik Forsström.

The Manifesti

Political factions help guide a player's galactic policies, and will respond when their choices work with or against internal political demands. What happens, then, when a faction is founded on a platform of literal nonsense? Authoritarians and egalitarians alike may find themselves jostling with this homegrown art movement: delighting crowds and upsetting governments with satirical, dadaist whimsy.

I wrote and scripted this event chain, to make use of the game's political factions system.

Released as part of a free update alongside the "Nemesis" expansion in 2021.

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Full Credits

  • Unannounced DLC
    • Origins (initial design & scripting)
  • "Astral Planes" story pack
    • Astral Rifts (editing)
  • "Galactic Paragons" DLC
    • (Partial) Content Design lead
  • "First Contact" story pack
    • Pre-FTL Espionage Operations (writing & scripting)
    • (Partial) Content Design lead
  • "Overlord" DLC (Feature Lead for enclaves & origins)
    • Mercenary enclave (initial scripting)
    • Salvager enclave (design, writing & scripting)
    • Shroudwalker enclave (design & scripting; collaborator on Divination content)
    • Megastructures (scripting)
    • Tutorials (design, writing & scripting)
    • Content Design lead
  • "Nemesis" DLC
    • Espionage Operations feature (design & initial scripting)
    • Espionage Assets & 'random' events (design, writing & scripting)
    • Espionage Operations: Acquire Asset, Smear Campaign, Steal Technology, Sabotage Starbase, Crisis Beacon (design, writing & scripting)
    • Manifesti Destiny event chain (design, writing & scripting)
    • Tutorials (design, writing & scripting)
  • "Necroids" species pack (Feature Lead)
    • Death Cult & Memorialist civics (design, writing & scripting)
    • Necrophage origin (writing collaborator)
    • Advisor voiceover (casting sheet, writer)
  • "Federations" DLC & 4th anniversary patch
    • Federation Joint Operations feature (design & initial scripting)
    • Joint Operations: Galactic Union/Cloud, Snagged & Research Co-operative/Genius Caeli (design, writing & scripting)
    • Federation leadership challenges: Thesis Defense (design, writing & scripting) & Bidding War (scripting)
  • "Lithoids" species pack
    • Keepers of Ave'brenn empire (design, writing & scripting)
    • 2x name lists (writing & scripting)
  • ... plus myriad name lists, bugfixes, script refactors, tweaks to instructional texts, new events, archaeological dig sites, art placeholders...